Catching up with Pure Vibes Go to next audioGo to next audioGo to prev audioGo to prev audioCatching up with Pure Vibes It’s been a whole ass minute guys and we are glad to be back again, this episode is just a feel good episode. Kolamide and Azuka do a lot of catching up and let you know what has been up since you last heard from us, apparently someone has been chopping Ls 🙃 Thank you for sticking with us, also please send in suggestions of topics or questions you’d like us to answer. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe and share45:47August 12, 2020What Kind Of Man Deserves A PS5 From His Girl?Heyyyyooo, we hope you all are staying safe because Corona is still very much around. The new PS5 is out and just like we do every time a new console or game is out, we(men) hope our Queens buy them for us but do they??? Lol in this episode we’re trying to understand what man the ladies think deserves a new shiny console. Also what would you do if the man was spending so much time on it, all these and so much more. Been a hot minute guys, so we hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed making it. Big shout out to Tara a.k.a Hakuna Matara for giving us the flavor on this episode, also Damian for holding it down for mandem. Make sure you listen in for this week’s playlist and remember to subscribe, share and repost. Stay safe guys💕28:47June 25, 2020Sleepovers and Overnight bags. ( Do’s & Don’ts) So we recorded this a while back but it’s just coming out because we respected the movement of the past few weeks. What time to leave a sleepover venue, what you should pack in your bags, who you shouldn’t be sleeping over with, weird shit that’s happened during sleep overs ALL of that us in there🤣. This episode is REALLY hilarious, I was laughing my ass off with these crackheads but in the midst of the madness, we still dropped some nuggets. S/o to Dotun and Jitey for being our special guests and of course Damian and Azuka for holding it down. Please keep streaming, keep sharing and keep subscribing. Love you guys!!41:24June 12, 2020Eradicating the Rape and Sexual harassment culture in NigeriaSigh. We are also tired, tired of all the injustices going on in the world.  We Hope and Pray it all goes away.
Hi Fam, I didn’t put out an episode last week due to how sensitive it was to everything going on now. 
Today’s topic is one that’s never easy to discuss but must be talked about.
Thank you to everyone that contributed especially Larry and Tunmike.
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52:16June 7, 2020Let’s talk about sex, don’t be shy. On today’s episode we’re discussing the unorthodox sexual topics and we want you guys to get in on this topic too. Please leave your comments in the comment box or just tweet using the hashtag #TKP Big S/O to Tobi aka Agba @Oli_ekun, Pelumi aka JellyBum, Amal Kash and Azuka for making this episode amazing. Don’t forget to subscribe so you get notified first, and also share with your friends and enemies 💜💪🏻38:18May 24, 2020Football baby, we missed you. Ft Damian Scott & Edmund OrisFootie fans get in here!! And none football fans too there’s something for you in here, anyway football was away for at least 60 days because of the pandemic(how did we survive😢) but gradually it seems like it’s coming back, with leagues like Bundesliga already back in action. On this episode, we’re debating if other leagues should follow suit or if it’s too risky, who the best players have been so far this season, how as football fans we coped without our beautiful game. Please remember to subscribe and share with your friends. We appreciate you for listening 🙏💜44:01May 20, 2020Music Creatives x Quarantine = ?On today’s episode we have a special guest “Oxygen Mix” he is Sound Engineer, Vocal director amongst other things. He takes us through his journey as an artiste turned sound engineer and also how he’s still able to create even during this lockdown despite having little or no inspiration. The gang also shares their tunes to listen to, overall it’s a very insightful episode full of our usual wits. Please remember to share with friends, subscribe too so as to get the juice as soon as it drops34:59May 13, 2020Life After Lockdown…Are We Ready?So the mandatory lockdown because of the pandemic has been relaxed by the government, and we’re discussing how different life would be after this. How long it might take for normalcy to return or if it would ever return. S/o to Tolu Daniels a.k.a Party Animal and Folakemi a.k.a Fkayy funds for sharing their thoughts. Please remember to subscribe and share this juicy episode with your friends and families even your enemies ☺️31:07May 5, 2020Dealing with two pandemics; Corona and the other oneHi guys! been a minute you heard from us, and with all the madness going on it was tough to put this together, but we hade to do it for you💪🏻💙 This is a very interesting and unique episode because we recorded from home and please forgive the bad audio and the lag, these are the times we’re in. This episode features Damian Scott, Azuka, Kolamide and our special guest Naya Akanji. Please remember to subscribe, share and enjoy!😋42:30April 20, 2020Valentines has come and gone, did you cum and go?St. Valentines would like to know how you spent the 14th, 15th and 16th since it was a cupid long weekend. We know you are excited to have us back, yeah we missed you too. Some of you asked very interesting questions, but we tried our best to answer them. Here’s our question to you guys, do you listen to the podcast with the lights on or lights off? Please remember to leave a review and also share with your friends and enemies35:13February 17, 2020Heineken & Chin Chin?? Do you even rate me?? ft Kolamide, Damian, Ifeoma, Temi EvoSo we are trying to keep to our word and be consistent this year with bringing you guys delicious audio content. In this episode, we are discussing a number of topics that span from the culture of gifts giving, and if women should lose their jobs because men can’t keep their dicks in their pants. A whole lot more goes on in this episode; we answer your crazy ass questions and our audience, yes the audience would give you a good laugh. Make sure you leave a review and comment. Please share, subscribe and enjoy!40:30February 3, 2020What are you speaking into 2020?? ft @Damianxscott and AzukaHi TKP Geng!!! We are glad the wait is finally over,  we apologize for taking this long but HAPPY NEW YEAR, guys. Thanks for sticking with us, well this episode is just us getting refreshed from the horrors of our Detty December and figuring out what to do with January and 2020 as a whole. We got a very interesting question from Ms Azuka, we are hoping you can help us answer it. Feels good to be back guys, please leave a review when you listen, we would appreciate that a lot. Cheers39:01January 27, 2020Nigerian Women Need Better Protection From Our SocietyIn this episode, I had a chat with Ayodolapo; a woman, a student, an asexual, and an atheist. So yes all of that rolled into one, and she gave her thoughts on several issues affecting women in our society. You guys need to listen to this insightful episode and there’s a little surprise at the end.
Please like, share, and subscribe. #TheKolamidePodcast #Sexforgrades #NigerianWoman30:48October 23, 2019Guys, it’s our tenth episode!! whoop!! It might not seem that much of a big deal but we couldn’t have done it without you guys. Thank you so much for the inspiration and also the messages and feedback. The rain has been pouring and yes it has affected us too (wink wink), enjoy this episode and also remember to subscribe and share!! 38:54October 15, 2019Nigerian men want to be loved right tooA whole lot has happened over the past couple of days, but how Nigerian should be loved or how to communicate their love language is the main topic for this episode. As well as dissecting two songs from two Nigerian heavyweights, and of course the usual madness that we normally bring to you, yup Damian is back. Please subscribe, share,  with your friends, enemies, and parents even. Yup, we said it!57:33October 8, 2019Should Instructions exists in relationships?(Things dey happen for Lagos) This aunty is threatening to break up with her man because she instructed him to not go to his ex’s birthday party, also do you know that girls pay waiters to flirt with men at events and parties in Lagos? Find out more in this episode. Big s/o to Sewa for the knowledge she dropped on us.
Remember to repost, like and share with friends and enemies.53:09September 23, 2019Our home training wouldn’t let us be greatNot a lot of things happened on the TL this week, but Damian and Kolamide touched on a few topics like; Wizkid’s new song ‘Ghetto Love’ trash or not? Davido and Chioma, would they last? and a whole lot more…. oh and here is a very interesting question for guys, would you suck your friend’s dick for 10 million dollars?
Find out what our answers were, also listen, share, and subscribe!40:02September 16, 2019How much should a first date cost?Hey guys, I know I have been away for a while but it’s because my village people were after me. Anyway I had fun making this alongside my homie Damian Scott, we talked about first dates and all the madness that comes with it,  the most ratchet thing mans has done, the recent xenophobic attacks and the TL’s reaction to it plus a bunch of other interesting things. Do enjoy and share with your friends, DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE:)41:16September 9, 2019Pastor Soapy should be in custodyOur physical and digital society is very fragile and things that we do, say or even imply are being watched by not just the rest of the world but more importantly our future leaders; the kids. That being said, Naira Marley and Biodun Fatoyinbo are both disgusting and setting the worst examples. Listen to me break down these issues on rape, assault, rape apologists, enablers etc32:17July 2, 2019Have you been blocked yet?Speed Darlington blocked me!! Yeah amongst other things like me getting a lot of hate comments because of something about Teni. Mad tunes curated for your listening pleasure as well as well as the magic word that wins you a prize. Quite hilarious too, watch out for amazing things in the next episodes20:40June 17, 2019Do You Want Equality Or Do You Just Hate Men? (TL Recap)Guys, this episode took a little longer than expected due to logistics 😭😭 I apologize. So I sort of did a recap of a few things also touch on feminism, misogyny and misandry. I’m a little angry haha but not as much. Enjoy, let me know your thoughts. Don’t forget to share and post. Absolutely love you!27:02June 10, 2019A little Anointing, A little Penising…Yes!! it’s the second I’m starting to get in my groove. Football Twitter and a lot of “gbas gbos” in this episode. I have two ladies sharing their thoughts on the Arsenal v Chelsea UEL Final as well as my usual two cents on a very interesting topic that trended on the TL. Don’t forget to listen out for the magic word and I also got banging tunes for you. Enjoy this one guys…. It’s way better than the first25:56June 1, 2019The Kolamide Podcast – Episode 0Hi guys, I am Kolamide Dwayne and this is the first of many episodes of The Kolamide Podcast, for this episode I just wanted to introduce myself to you and touch on a few things from Twitter gist to Rema’s Dumebi video… more to follow soon. Please share with friends and subscribe too♥️🙏25:40May 28, 2019

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