30 Minutes With PhoeniX • By • 40 minutes agoConversation with Pharm. Chijioke Chukwuekem.30 Minutes With PhoeniX • By • 40 minutes agoGo to next audioGo to next audioGo to prev audioGo to prev audioConversation with Pharm. Chijioke Chukwuekem.Pharm. Chijoke Chukwuekem is a writer and a personal development coach among other personalities, whom I noticed has this rare passion about motivating young ones towards reaching their potential. On this episode, he shared about his personalities, book (Quite being a spectator), community (Ekems Network) and most importantly his thought about the future of the Nigeria Health sector. You can find him on Facebook and all other social media pages.
26:57August 26, 2020Born a crime by Trevor Noah ( A book Review ) with Kikelomo Adeniyi.Born a crime tells the story of Trevor Noah. On this episode we put a spot light on Patricia Noah whom we consider to be our favorite character for rebelliousness and tenacity whilst trying to raise a child in South Africa within an apartheid system, relating her to the Modern Nigerian woman.21:29July 28, 2020The month of May makes it a year since we kicked off. And we are reminded once again that the universe freely distributes ideas to everyone and these ideas are promiscuous, they tend to move from one individual to another and if you don’t act on it when given, it’ll leave you and move to someone else ready to act on it. Happy Anniversary to Us🎉🎉🎉13:28May 26, 2020Role of Pharmacist in the face of the Pandemic (Covid19) Part 2.This Episode is dedicated to Dr. Stella Adedavoh, During the Ebola outbreak in 2014 she helped to curbed the spread of the Ebola virus by quarantining Patrick Sawyerr, the Ebola patient. We are also dedicating this episode to all Frontline Nigeria Health Workers currently tackling the current Pandemic in the country.25:20April 29, 2020A ChitChat with Dr.KennethWoke up and decided to do a recording with a very good friend who happened to be a Doctor, about a very interesting Tv. Series ( For Life ). We hope you’ll enjoy it. Stay Safe guys!21:58March 31, 2020A discussion with Mr. Joba Ojelabi about his project topic on the implication of Failure on studentsMr. Joba Ojelabi is a final year pharmacy student of the Obafemi Awolowo university Ile-ife who recently defended his project successful, soon to be inducted into the pharmacy profession. His project topic sparked a lot of interest online and hopefully this podcast would be able to answer some major questions been asked by some “not- so-enlightened” individuals about the curriculum of pharmacy studies within the Nigeria higher educational institution.31:01February 13, 2020Meet Pharmacist Olusanya TimothyPharmacist Olusanya Timothy is a distinguished young man who has chosen to add value to his community through the use of digital health technology along with his Team to come up with health tips articles that are short, precise and easy to understand which is free to download from Healthynaija.ng . He is currently using his other skills as health professional to help individuals with health challenges within the Nigeria government hospital.19:03December 16, 2019Meeting Pharm. Munira JibrilPharm. Munira Jibril is a wonderful friend, who is also a writer. She has written few articles ‘Weight loss struggle’ on Healthy naija online magazine. She has deep passion for mental Health as she briefly shares her thoughts on mental health on this episode. She is currently using her skills as a professional in helping those having health challenges within the Nigeria health sector which she does passionately.27:33November 25, 2019Is the little things that you are not aware of, that sometimes matters.
For me, Gratitude, honesty, Love and kindness are the few principles I try to live by daily.

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Much love people🤪😜16:34September 28, 2019🎥The Upside🎥 Movie ReviewThe Upside is a story centered on Phillip who is a wealthy quadriplegic in need of a caretaker to help him with his day-to-day routine in his New York penthouse. He decides to hire Dell, a struggling parolee who’s trying to reconnect with his ex and his young son. Despite coming from two different worlds, an unlikely friendship starts to blossom as Dell and Phillip rediscover the joy of living life to the fullest.”

20:09September 7, 201907:36July 4, 2019My Experience with some doctors that were such a bully👿👿I can’t really recall the last time I got so angry but I’m sure that I got to my hot head angry level few days ago and had to stand up to these bullies👿 Here’s my story on how I handled them.😁😁 Hope you feel proud.39:58June 20, 2019This is what I would like to call Growth. Taking responsibility, Living consciously and impacting to my community no matter how small it is. You may think it’s small🙄 but it’s a huge deal for me😀
Like stepping out of my closet. OK, Breath X! Just Breath😍😍 My Process Of Becoming21:28June 17, 2019My views on dealing with Procrastination which is one of my many bad attributes. What did i say to the god of procrastination? #NotToday🙅13:25June 12, 2019Thoughts on a good conversation.
Credit: Joy Isi Bewaji23:52May 14, 2019This is just a rough sketch of what’s coming, so brace up.✌02:32May 8, 2019

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