Episode 134: Devolver and Ubisoft, Not E3 2020 Continues

ALL ABOARD for Crazy Train of Thought brought to you by The Idiot Savants! Video versions of the pod can now be found on Youtube! The guys are back bringing you the best (and funniest) video game related news! Join host Ryan Wolf this week along with potential virus carrier Pokemaster Troy Osborn, former Jedi Padawan Philbo Swaggins, and the one and only Colin Freakin’ Giffy. #CHECKALOOK at our topics:

Ubisoft Forward 2020 (00:02:59)

Ryan complains about Hyper Scape (00:05:48)

The boys get pumped for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla (00:09:23)

Phil hates Watch Dogs: Legion (00:22:54)

A discussion of Far Cry (00:36:45)

How Devolver Digital helped inspire Crazy Train of Thought (00:52:05)

Carrion, Fall Guys, and Olija (01:05:33)

Ryan plays the Devolverland Expo (01:15:09)

Shadow Warrior 3 and Serious Sam 4 look like Doom, but in a good way (01:19:41)

News: Modder uses Kinect and trampoline to mod Mario 64 (01:30:51)

New Sony patent could change game demos forever (01:34:03)

Sony and Epic Games cuddle up, monetarily speaking (01:37:08)

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