The Federal Government has released 13 billion Naira to facilitate the kick-off of community policing in Nigeria. It’s expected that the Government will have the initiative domiciled under the Inspector General of Police… this however runs contrary to the provision by State Governors who received legal backing from the state legislative assemblies to run a regional security network such as ‘Amotekun’.

In an interview by Presidential Spokesman, he described the regional network as one the Governors would be barely able to sustain due to funds and the recruitment process that may likely be marred systemic arguments of control of sourcing for recruits. Governor Akeredolu of Ondo State thinks the FG cannot push them off their quest to secure their local terrain having followed established process.

My debate is with the former Commissioner of Police, Lawrence Alobi on the defect police force that wants to sustain all fronts of control insecurity in the country.

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