Hey guys 👋. Welcome to the last segment of “Games with friends” on Ola’s tea ☕️. Thanks for tuning in. Still with me on today’s episode I have Debbie ( ig : chi_debby) , Vicky (ig : vee_milla , Eniola (ig: enii_paul, wig_dom, YouTube: Enii paul) and Mega (mela_cutie) and we will be having a taste of their guilty pleasure by playing the game : marry, Date, kiss and curve. Also the long awaited result of the winner will be announced, yay!!! So why not just enjoy the show as we bring you the most talented and eligible bachelors in the alternate universe we created. Disclaimer: we are not tribalist,colorist, or body shaming participants or apologists. Listen with open mind and just flow with the fun.

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