Living from the heart Ep.5 Tom Cronin the meditation master. Living from the heart Ep.5 Tom Cronin the meditation master. Self Mastery Ep.3 Finding our purpose Finding yourself is the first step in finding our purpose. Do we create our own purpose? Or is there Divine planning unknown to us?38:30August 3, 2020Hermit Lounge Ep.4 Equality with Bobby Bobby and I work together and share a great friendship. Hopefully we can bring you a laugh or two while talking about the heavy topic of racial equality. 21:50July 25, 2020Self Mastery Ep.1 Self Awareness The Self Mastery course is designed to help awaken the mind and give practices to help us to be our best selves. 36:06July 18, 2020Living from your heart. What does that mean? How do you love unconditionally? I’ll give you my take and how I practice living from the heart. 20:17July 8, 2020Letting go of old stories and belief systems. We tell ourselves stories because the ego in us need something to hang on to. When we know ourselves truly we understand how to live without suffering. 30:13July 1, 2020The universal law of karma effects everyone and everything around it. How do we be in this world but not of it? 33:20June 27, 2020In this episode I’ll explain how our bodies act as radios operating on frequencies. Our emotions are channels and with training you can change the channel to what you want. The process of Attunement. 24:00June 10, 2020A state of neutrality can be a powerful tool to navigate life. I present a way of living life with neutrality. 22:17June 4, 2020Why are we here? Is it just a beautiful accident or divine purpose. 30:10May 20, 2020What do you want from life? Why do you think you are here? What do you think your purpose is? Or do you think everything is random chance and has no meaning? Let’s look at these questions together. 32:03May 9, 2020Hermit Lounge Ep. 3 Covid-19 and Chill Back in the lounge during quarantine with my friend Jonathan and Chad talking about how it’s effecting our lives and what the future looks like. We are in this together!49:33April 15, 2020Zen Time with Cameron Ep. 10 RefugeFinding your happy place, looking at how to create that safe place in your imagination when you need it. Also bonus story “Two miles”. 11:46February 7, 2020Zen Time with Cameron Ep.5 Self-masteryDuring this episode of Zen Time I bring everyone up to speed on the last couple months. I discuss how to handle your emotions, and bring kindness into your life. A quick story about how a bird changed my life, and meeting a fan at work!16:15November 27, 2019Zen Time with Cameron Ep.4Sit back and relax it’s zen time, let me help you work through your everyday stress. 11:07October 16, 2019Zen Time with Cameron Ep.3 During this 10 minute chat we talk about mindfulness and how to effectively use it and what it consists of. 11:05September 18, 2019Jessica Hubbard changing education We have a chat about the school system and what needs to change. Jessica has a background in special education, and is a behavioral specialist. 27:31September 11, 2019Zen Time with Cameron Ep.2In this segment I review a book called Shambhla (the sacred path of the warrior) by Chogyam Trungpa. 12:13September 4, 2019Paul brooks Afghanistan and Bodybuilding We share some stories about how we met in Afghanistan. Paul is an Australian fitness icon and shares his insights on the bodybuilding sport. 29:08August 28, 2019Zen time with Cameron Ep.1I give my opinion on meditation and how to do it. Answering questions from social media. 11:54August 21, 2019Local Nashville radio star talks about his journey and his struggle. 36:10August 14, 2019Thomas on News and social media During this segment Thomas and I talk about the news and social media. Particularly about “fake news” and how social media impacts the actual news. 32:14August 7, 2019My childhood friend and I talk about how we have changed as we have grown up. Chris talks about how I have changed after the military. 29:23July 24, 2019Some tools for dealing with everyday life. 17:57July 18, 2019Updates on the podcast and a segment about loving yourself and PTSD. 25:12July 10, 2019Just talking about me and the podcast! 05:11July 4, 2019

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