Statistics shows HPV as the leading cause of Cervical Cancer. This episodes answers common questions about the causes, symptoms, prevention, treatment and management of HPV. Fola is a Nigerian UK based Registered Nurse. She has clinical experience spanning six years, two continents and two specialities (Cardiac and Oncology).

She is a member of the United Kingdom Oncology Nursing Society and presently an Oncology Advanced Nurse Practitioner in the NHS. In her spare time, she volunteers with the Cancer Research UK. She also professionaly writes/edits CVs for people and delivers health care tips which mostly borders on preventive rather than treatment or management measures. Fola’s hobbies include loving her cute husband and travelling around whenever her schedule can afford one.

Reach her on Facebook: Folasade Akinyemi La; Instagram: @nursekanko; Twitter: @Nursekanko.

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