ALL ABOARD for Crazy Train of Thought brought to you by The Idiot Savants! The only place on the internet where you can hear all the latest news, 2 weeks after it comes out! Join host Ryan Wolf this week with his excellent co-hosts including Pokèmaster Troy Osborn, the man that inspired Demon’s Souls Philbo Swaggins, and back on the pod with a fresh haircut is Colin Freakin’ Giffy. #CHECKALOOK at our topics:

Troy’s wife takes a trip to New York City for an almost unbelievable reason (00:05:00)

Ryan tells us why Rage 2 is the game you should be playing on Game Pass (00:21:48)

Online Warriors shout out! (00:49:48)

Troy and Philip played the Avenger’s beta (00:50:21)

News: Apple/Epic Games very publicly feud (01:17:55)

Colin is very excited for WB Games announcements (01:27:30)

Gotham Knights (01:34:00)

Suicide Squad (01:41:42)

Thank you so much for listening! Please let us know if you enjoyed this. We don’t say it enough, but your entertainment is the reason we do this.

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