Episode 135

ALL ABOARD for Crazy Train of Thought brought to you by The Idiot Savants! We are back on the pod this week to bring you latest and semi-greatest video-game-related content with some stupid mixed in for good measure. Join host Ryan Wolf as he embarks with Pokèmaster Troy Osborn, Far Cry fanboy Philbo Swaggins, and Colin Freakin’ Giffy. #CHECKALOOK at our topics:

Troy gets Rogue Company FO’ FREE (00:03:33)

Should you try Neon Abyss on Game Pass? (00:26:42)

Troy’s Xbox One X is toast (00:34:07)

A discussion in defense of Game Pass (00:36:54)

Phil teases Ghost of Tsushima (00:56:30)

Metacritic changes review policy (01:00:34)

News: PS5 preorders limited to one per household? (01:09:10)

With Epic’s help, Rocket League goes free-to-play (01:17:49)

Man from UK sells Pokèmon card collection for stupid money (01:23:13)

Real Life Stories with Troy Osborn Part II (01:31:21)

Samurai Jack gets a release date (01:35:03)

Thank you so much for listening! Please let us know if you enjoyed this. We don’t say it enough, but your entertainment is the reason we do this.

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