Life always throws curve balls at us. We do not have to add to them. By pressuring ourselves with unrealistic and lofty expectations. In the end when we do not meet those expectations. Guess what? We then become frustrated and disappointed and a plethora of other negative emotions. On today’s show this episode discusses running your race and not giving up. Ms.#TDrake shares with us taking off those expectations and just running our race of Faith. As we go on this path we know the race is not given to the swift. Keep the Zeal about sharing the Gospel but, also pace yourself. Nothing we can do can earn Salvation. Never forget we cannot do enough ever to work for Salvation. Salvation is a free gift from the Lord Almighty. Enjoy today’s show and thank you for your continued listenership,support and monetary gifts. #GGTHW #TDRAKE #ShiftingBillions©️

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