Today’s show is all about sharing your faith. Now the word tells us not to be ashamed. While it can be a bit daunting at times. We can stand on the fact God has not given us a Spirit of FEAR!!! Ms.#TDrake provides encouragement to let you know to share and at the level where you are at. Not to do the opposite where one decides not to share anything. Do not let people try to stop you from sharing. Be bold and have the courage to share about God’s goodness. Tell people about him and know that God truly does have your back. Take comfort in knowing even through our hardest challenges we can overcome. Learn more,grow more,strive to be more Christ like. That is truly something you can be proud of! Boast about GOD and share and do not be ashamed! #GGTHW #TDrake #ShiftingBillions©️

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