As you may know the Yovy D. Show is about my journey from a media tv corporate in broadcasting into becoming an entrepreneur in podcasting. I’m the host, executive producer and the agency owner of (AMBC) Alkiria Media Branding and Consulting, LLC. With that being said, I decided to create a podcast out my plain driven curiosity and also transferring my skills into learning to know what it takes to become an entrepreneur and how as an entrepreneur you make a business profitable and make a relaxant well-known brand through social media and digital marketing. Now, Mr. Shawn Lloyd greatly falls into this category and he’s the CEO and founder of the MANSION GROUP. Here’s the link: PROMO CODE: YOVY /YOVYD. Anchor links: Check out my podcast, Yovy_D, on Anchor! YouTube Yelper Yovy D’s profile on Yelp: https://www.y Lyft (theGigLadyGig) Earn $1,350 guaranteed by driving with Lyft in Los Angeles. Apply here, and give 190 rides in 30 days: Terms apply. Uber link! Hey – thought about driving with Uber? You can earn $475 guaranteed for your first 75 trips within 90 days of sign up. Get $400 guaranteed Instagram @yovy_d Facebook page business

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