Go to next audioGo to next audioGo to prev audioGo to prev audioI know we all love to be trendy but the truth is we get carried away most times, we forget that people vibe with us more when we stay original. Listen to this new episode to find out how you have been loosing focus while trying to be trendy.13:15September 14, 2020Distribution And Playlisting (Season Finale)Listen to the final episode of this first season of Lasgidi podcast to find out more about music distribution and the importance of Playlisting in advertising your content digitally… Listen and share with other creatives around you.22:26July 28, 2020Here we talk about how you can independently push your craft in order to attract investors, as a creative, you cannot seat and expect people to come and invest in your craft if you dont make moves. Listen to this episode to find out about the necessary moves you need to make.18:44June 19, 2020Before you sign that Contract.Every now and then we hear stocontracts with their label which often result into serious danger….on this episode we discuss the causes and solutions to this common issue between artistes and labels. Enjoy19:55June 2, 2020This Lock Down And Your CraftMost countries in the world today are experiencing a total lock down due to the covid 19 Pandemic. On this episode we discuss how you can channel this present situation towards the growth of your craft. Listen and share.14:19April 30, 2020Lock Down Extention ft Gochi(Nigerian Rapper)On this Episode we had a great conversation with Hennessy VS Class 2018 Alumni “Gochi” who let us in on how he has been surviving as a rapper in Lagos, his craft, Journey and plans for the future. Enjoy13:24April 17, 2020Have you ever been called Ashawo before? Listen to this episode as Orobzee Chronicles her experience with a Lagos bus conductor. Listen up.12:17April 7, 2020Attracting Guys(No Ass…No Boobs) ft PablowGirls often believe every guy’s first attraction to girl is Her ass or boobs but on this episode we reveal other things guys look out for in a girl that you probably don’t know. Enjoy15:01April 5, 2020On this episode we talked about things that attracts a girl to a guy. Guys should not miss this episode as my guest was on the phone dishing out some secret hacks to first impression from a girl’s angle. Listen up17:44April 4, 2020While Lagos is on lock Down ft Damzkoko, I’mSosweet And Jimbro On this episode we discuss some of the individual activities we engage in while the city is on total lock Down due to the Coronavirus outbreak in Lagos…We also play some nice songs that can help you pull through this period. Enjoy…31:16April 1, 2020Should Lagos Runs babes And Striipers also work from home?This is a challenging time in the world where we are all faced with coronavirus pandemic and we have to all seat at home to prevent the spread of the virus. People have been advised to work from home however on this episode we seek to know if sex workers and strippers should also work from home. Listen up to catch up with the fun.18:28March 30, 2020On this Episode i discuss how important it is to Vibe with your producer as an artiste during the music making process and how producers should get paid for vibing with the artiste as well…..listen up for the gist!10:45March 7, 2020On this episode, i we talked about how you can get your vision clear this year new as a creative person looking forward to getting results in 202010:36January 10, 2020Here we talk about things to consider as a creative person before putting out a material. 12:51October 16, 2019Here i take you through the six professional stages in the life cycle of a creative person. Listen up to find out which stage you are and how to get to the next stage.11:35September 17, 2019Here i discussed food in relation with everyday life in Lagos Nigeria .06:45March 12, 2019The just concluded 2018 Soundcity Mvp Award show that took place in Lagos Nigeria was reviewed on this episode along side some controversies that came along with it. Enjoy10:56January 8, 2019

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