When you have friends do you treasure that friendship? Do you see friends as a blessing? On today’s show Ms.#TDrake shares about friendship. We as believers know the Lord Jesus Christ is the ultimate friend. We must strive to have Godly friendships and relationships. This way they can really be symbolic of how Christ teaches us to love one another. That is the Lord’s command that we love the Lord with all our being. Of course, the second command love your neighbor as yourself. Being kind and showing compassion takes work. It is worth the time and the effort. When you are blessed with real true friendship you don’t want to lose that. Matter of fact you will want to cherish and honor that. Please check out these website below. Ms.#TDrake mentioned it and it discusses 3 types of friendships. Definitely, remember to treasure the friendships you have. If you have a new friend keep in my it takes time to develop a real true friendship. Please support Ms.#T.Drake and if you want to be guest please send an email to: If you would like to have Ms.#TDrake on your show please do not hesitate. We are in this new different world together. Let us make the best of it. Develop new and long lasting Friendships.

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