Episode 136: Valve VR and Ninjas in Feudal

ALL ABOARD for Crazy Train of Thought brought to you by The Idiot Savants! The boys are back on the pod this week to ask one question: Are you not entertained? Host Ryan Wolf is joined this week by Malacom “Wilson” Wilson, Philbo Swaggins, Samwise Gunjeans, and co-host Colin Freakin’ Giffy. #CHECKALOOK at our topics:

Sam has a very Japanese birthday (00:03:52)

Sam talks about Love Languages like they are real (00:05:41)

Colin gets a Valve Index (00:09:21)

Philip can’t play the Avengers game beta (00:30:01)

But does play Graveyard Keeper (00:37:10)

And Ghost of Tsushima (00:45:09)

Malacom tells us how Gears Tactics is different (01:00:33)

News: Xbox Series X confirmed for November (01:15:17)

Kid spends parents’ life saving on Twitch, hilarity ensues (01:17:13)

Nintendo profits skyrocket (01:24:24)

Spiderman exclusivity is bad for gamers (01:34:12)

Playstation 5 games require PS5 controllers (01:41:24)

Halo delayed and 343’s 10-year plan (01:46:25)

Thank you so much for listening! Please let us know if you enjoyed this. We don’t say it enough, but your entertainment is the reason we do this.

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