Where Goodness Still Grows with guest Amy Peterson- Episode 386

September 9, 2020

Social media and recent political events have exposed the fault lines that exist within our country and our spiritual communities. The corruption and blind spots of the evangelical church have led to the departure of so many from faith, who cite hypocrisy and partisanship as reasons they can’t stay. Chillingly, many of the virtues that we believed were a central piece of our religious heritage—including kindness, purity, modesty, hospitality, and faithfulness—have been hijacked and used for political or cultural gain.
But all is not lost. My guest today, Author Amy Peterson, wants to reimagine virtue as a tool, not a weapon; as wild, not tame; as embodied, not written. As someone intimately familiar with, fond of, and also deeply critical of the world of conservative evangelicalism, Amy dissects the moral code of American evangelicalism and re-examines what it really means to be faithful in the modern world.
Her latest book, Where Goodness Still Grows, traces the virtues from their original meanings and imagines what it could look like for us to embrace and celebrate them today. Where Goodness Still Grows is more than a book. It is a thoughtful, poetic, and deeply powerful call to reclaim our faith and it’s a book I deeply needed in 2020.
Amy Peterson’s Web Site: http://www.amypeterson.net/
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