On today’s episode we get to listen about our Heavenly destination. While the world is in a state of influx and things are different. We can still know we have a final destination that is based in Heaven. Do we ever sit and ponder over what it would be like? How glorious will it be to see our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Face to face! One thing is certain as Paul shares we have a race and the prize is heaven. Like the song says I can only imagine. What that will truly be like. While we are on earth let us do our best to press forward. Yes, we have past hurts and pains. That is okay we can move forward and press on toward the mark. Never stop #donotgiveup stay focused and know your pilgrimage. There are winding roads and paths. We must stay on the straight and narrow. Enjoy the show today on this #WUAWW. Please support Ms.#TDrake and get her book wherever it is available either in ebook or paperback format. Thank you to all the amazing listeners and supporters. You can also support at Cash App: $GGTHW. Have an amazing and blessed day. Please call in and let Ms.#TDrake know where you are listening from. We would love to include your voice to an episode. Interviews email Connect and let’s put your voice out there!!!

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